How do I protect against lightning and power outages?

For protection against electrical storms and power outages, we strongly recommend connecting your computer and monitor to a battery backup unit (UPS). On top of providing basic surge and voltage drop protection, a UPS allows your computer to continue operating for several minutes during a power outage--long enough for you to save your work, close your applications, and safely shut the machine down.

To get the best performance out of a UPS, you should avoid connecting power hungry accessories like printers to your battery backup. Most new UPS units allow you to choose which items have battery backup and which have only surge protection. Computer, monitor, and possibly your modem, cable modem, or DSL router are the only items that should be on battery backup. Your printer, speakers, scanner, etc. should be connected to "surge only" outlets. If your UPS does not have this feature, use a separate surge protector plugged directly into the wall for such accessories.

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